About Us

Nonna's Famous is a local female owned pizza business located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. As you can imagine, Erin is one of the very few women in pizza in Ottawa and even Ontario. She prides herself on disrupting a relatively "male dominated industry" by sending 30% of her profits back into local community, right here in Ottawa.

All products are produced in a Commercial kitchen which is certified and inspected by the City Of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health. 

As a Social Enterprise, Nonna's understands the need for change and is leading the way as an example. We support local small business and other female owned shops as well as emphasize the importance to SUPPORT BIPOC BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS, and that is at the forefront of our brand.

We encourage and CHALLENGE our competitors to do the very same!

Pizza is magic and Pizza with Purpose Tastes so MUCH BETTER but also fuels and feeds the entire community! 

Come along with us and change the world, one pizza box at a time!